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The Union

Representation for all

The union.  So many opinions when it comes to this subject.  The fact remains that you are paying anywhere from $300 to nearly $1,000 a year to the union in the form of dues.  I like to call it a retainer for services.  Knowing what those services are would be a good idea, since your already paying for these services.  Your not paying for these service out of your pocket, because you never see the money in the first place as it comes out of your check every month.  What the union offers are quite a few services that are great.   The union also offers services that no one is even aware of.  Knowing these things are important as you never can know when you need something and knowing where to get this useful information, help, or service is a good idea.  The following are a list of some of the services the union offers.

Right to work vs. union

Everyone is paying any where from $400 to $1,000 dollars a year for services they think don’t need or want.  The money is coming out of your pocket anyway, might as well utilize the services. 

Services offered for your union dues

Weingarten Rules

Understand the protections the law gives your and how you representation works for you.

Discipline and technology

Too often technology is the tool used by management to discipline you.  This is not always the case. 

Dealing with Prodution

Everyone is expexted to be the machine.  Your not.  This sections assists you in understanding your rights as far as production. 

Deal with my injury or accident

Getting injured is bad.  Dealing with those who only care about the bottom line, even worse.  Knowing what to do is important if you do get hurt on the job. 

Working on your day off

Managment may call you in, because of a shortage or workers, or even worse, you need the money.  It’s in the contract and you need to understand how this is bad for you. 

Support when you file with government agencies

Union representatives are armed with the knowledge to assist you in dealing with various government agencies. 

Registering yourself and family members (medical)

Make sure you are registered for all you medical benefits for yourself and your family.

Team Care

Unfortunatley, with a two tier system, comes a two tier medical plan.  Part timers use this service. 

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield


Teamster Center Services (TCS) is a Taft-Hartley Trust Fund that provides advice, referral and case management services to the participants of its member welfare funds.

Express Scripts

Prescription are normally through the mail.  Create an account here.

DDS Dental Services

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The New 804: 21st Century Approach to Unionism