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UPS Hotline: Not a waste of time.

 A wise individual would call this number express their concerns and then file a grievance.  At the end of the call, the hotline agency (independent from UPS, but we know how that goes) will issue you a report number.  I can not emphasize how important it is that you write down the report number. If the situation escalates, the report number, any notes you have kept, and any grievances your may have filed will come in handy if you choose to use a government agencies  to further handle your concerns.

Tips on how the Hotline works

The Phone number: (800)220-4126 

  “We can also use the Open Door Policy to talk to someone else in management, including a Human Resources manager, or someone from the function with the expertise and responsibility to address the concern. The concern will be handled promptly, discreetly, and professionally. Discussions and inquiries will be kept in confidence to the extent appropriate or permitted by law”   – UPS Code of Conduct.

Don't Waste you time.

Some say the UPS hotline is a waste of time but if you know what you’re doing, this number is a very useful tool.  Understanding how this number works is the only thing one needs in order to use this number properly.  When you have a concern, especially any type of harassment, this is the number to call before filing a grievance.  If you file a grievance and then call this number, they will not field your call.  The reason is because already you started an all together different process in dealing with your problem.

Don't Forget: Human Resources

When calling this number or if you choose, you can request that Human Resources be involved in addressing your particular situation.  Make sure you notify the hotline that you would like Human Resources to handle your situation and afterwards, make sure you also notify your union representation.  It is important you involve the union in addressing any type of harassment issue, that is what they are there for; as your elected representative!

UPS Code of Conduct

The guideline for all employees of our company.  Our people is the particular section one should read and take notes.


“Anyone who retaliate against another individual for reporting known or suspected violations of our legal or ethical obligations violates the Code and is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.”

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