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Rules Management Must Follow

Once upon a time!

  • It does feel like ancient history for some of us, but back in the days, UPS used to teach us the history of the company. The humble beginnings in Seattle, Washington up to the present day. Words like “communication” were preached as the man component in the success of UPS. Communicating with each other and being respectful in doing so. This has been lost over time. Respect is something that has been missing in some ways in striving for the same goal; the success of the company. Success means we all help the company grow, in turn we all make money. Years ago, UPS created a guide called,”The Code of Conduct.” This guide governs all employees, including and not excluding MANAGEMENT. Knowing this guide is something everyone should know, especially the employee. Below are some of the highlights of the “Code of Conduct.”


UPS is committed to a safe work environment that is free of threats, intimidation, and physical harm. Everyone has a right to work in a safe environment and everyone shares the responsibility for ensuring the safety of others. We have zero tolerance for workplace violence, and we will investigate and take appropriate action up to and including dismissal regarding any threats to a safe workplace.

Pages 16 – 20 are dedicated to the treatment of employees and the expected interactions between management and the employee. In the end management is an employee. Thinks about it, we all have employee numbers. The company does not view us as indivudals, but numbers, managemenmt has NUMBERS on their I.D.”s too. I think that means they are a number too. They have to respect and follow the same rules just like the rest of us. Which means no one person is better than another when it comes to how we treat each other.The same follows with our company. This belief has been the main ingredient in the success of the company.  These pages combined with the particular articles in the Master and Local contracts, and the UPS harassment policy empower the employee being respected in the workplace.

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