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Masters Article 4; A lawyers rights (Shop Steward)

A steward is protect by Federal Laws (NLRB) in conducting their duties as AN ELECTED UNION REPRESENTATIVE.  Don’t be fooled.  You in the big leagues now!  Management was hired.  Your were ELECTED!

Key Phrase: The Job Steward or the designated alternate shall be permitted reasonable time to investigate, present and process grievances on the Company’s property without interruption of the Employer’s opera-tion. Upon notification to his or her supervisor, a steward shall be afforded the right to leave his/her work area for a reasonable period of time to investigate, present and process grievances and to represent a fellow employee concerning grievances or discipline so long as such activity does not interrupt the Employer’s operations. This Shall include the steward’s right to represent an employee in connection with any grievance concerning safety issues. The Employer Will make a reasonable effort to insure that its operations are not interrupted by the steward’s engaging in such activity. The Employer shall not use interruption of its operation as a subterfuge for denying such right to the steward.

Otherwise:  The shop steward is allowed to investigate situations during working hours.  As long as it doesn’t interfere with work.  Management can’t use,”Get to work” as an excuse to avoid the situation.  If you have a situation, you are allowed to ask for you shop steward, especially if it is a safety issue, such as BOXES everywhere (Egress, Article 18)

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