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Master Article 37; Local Article 24 & 26:




Key Phrase:

The parties agree that the principle of a fair day’s work for a fairday’s pay shall be observed at all times and employees shall perform their duties in a manner that best represents the Employer’s interest. The Employer shall not in any way intimidate, harass, coerce or overly supervise any employee in them performance of his or her duties….

Employees who are employed in operating centers where they are required to sort, sheet, load and deliver common carrier and retail merchandise shall be assigned on a delivery dispatch that will include ALLOWANCE (TIME!) for sorting, sheeting, and loading…..

The Union agrees that it recognizes it is in the best interests of both parties for it to encourage its members, individually and collective-ly, to perform loyal and efficient work and will use all reasonable efforts to that end. The Company will not request or require from any employees ANY MORE THAN a reasonable performance.



  • These two articles along with the UPS Harassment Policy and Code of conduct, simplify the thought process. Be honest and do your best. Dont get hurt and there is nothing to worry about. That’s how I see it and I am still here after 24 years. I was productive, meaning I did my best and I was honest in how I dealt with my customers and management. The problem arises in the fact most employees don’t know their basic rights and get wrapped up in be productive or else and then cross lines that will get them in trouble. If your air is late, it’s late. If it is missed, it’s missed. Late saver? Things (Sh##) happens, that’s life. I have no problem telling management, what happened or may have gone wrong and let them deal with it. It’s not a I don’t care attitude, but one in being confident in knowing the rules.

    As long as you are not doing something you are no supposed to be doing in the first place to cause the service failure, then just as Captain Kirk once said,”C’est La Vie!”



  • A employee is given extra air and told to deliver these airs or else. The employee not understanding the basic rules goes out and makes it “happen”, cutting corners, because they are worried about discipline. This will get you trouble, if falsifying records is involved. Locking g down airs in signature. Or being clever using left at and then getting the signature. Releasing savers after 3 p.m. so it doesn’t show up as later. Don’t do it!

    Many scenarios of that employee not working or driving safe in hurrying up to make service or using methods they will lie about later in order to make service will place that employee in a situation in which they will lose their job.


The problem starts the moment you decide to sheet packages in a way that you hide these service fairlures. Do that, then you are giving them you job. I promise you, if you falsify records, you will GET FIRED!


I belive in production, but I have seen what happens when chasing numbers. We are not machines. We are human being and this is already known and but not factored in. Instead of adjusting the numbers, the only adjustment made is the attitude toward you the member in order to increase your production in the form of harassment and threats. Get it done or else. If anything that goes wrong, it will certainly be determined as your fault.


Keep notes of what happened, make sure your union representative is involved in any questions and take your spanking, if necessary, and then move on. Understanding the rules will allow you to work as trained and not worry about the consequences, as there should be none. If so, the consequences will not be as serious as crossing the line of integrity or any of the cardinal sins. I don’t mind going in the office when asked about why something is missed or late, compared to answering questions about how something did not show as late or missed, because of how I sheeted packages. Falsified records! Not worth it.

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