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Master Article 18, section 24 – BOXES EVERYWHERE!!!(New) Section 24 – Egress

The Employer shall monitor conditions in and around all work areas including but not limited to sort aisles and areas where vehicles are loaded or unloaded to ensure that temporary impediments created by placed or fallen packages are minimized. The Employer shall not permit packages, materials, or equipment to be placed permanently or temporarily within the 28 inches wide exit access in front of an exit door or at the top or bottom of a stairway that is part of an exit access point.

Egress is a word that is not commonly used at United Parcel Service.  In the sense of ensuring that egress consistently exist on the vehicles and the floor space.  Often one can easily observe boxes lying around on the floor space making it easy for some one to trip or if vehicles are loaded the back door, the boxes can easily fall on a unaware individual opening their back door.  This issue has been something that has been complained about and the famous term,”Needs of the business” are used.  I have witness drivers operating vehicles with hand trucks in their cab spaces, because there is no space for the hand trucks in the back of their vehicle.

Read this article.  It explains and defines a little more specifically than one would expect as far as the definition of egress.