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Protect yourself and you license

Key Phrase:  Suspension or Revocation of License;  In the event an employee shall suffer a suspension or revocation of the right to drive the Employer’s equipment for any reason, the employee must notify the Employer before their next report to work. Failure to comply will subject the employee to disciplinary action up to and including discharge.

Problem:   The first thing anyone driving must understand, is protect your license.  Unfortunately, quite a few  individuals don’t.   A suspension or revocation is not good.  Can’t drive with either and now there is the issue of notifying work or not doing so.  


Every year UPS fires employees who don’t notify the company that their license has been revoked or suspended during the year.  The famous “MVCD” we fill out every year has any number of individuals who simply don’t list the issues they ran into in regards to their license.  This is not a slip the mind moment that one will survive.  One way or another we get tickets, have accidents, or maybe no insurance, who knows.  The company will eventually find out and when they do, they will fire you.  Of course hoping your union representation is able to get you out of this bind is VERY long odds, if the situation is discovered after not notifying anyone in the first place.    This issue is one of the most serious issues the company is not in the least bit understanding or sympathetic.


Don’t play with you license.  If something happens take care of it immediately and notify you union representative immediately.  I have seen to many people get walked off the job when it coms to this very issue.

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