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Master Article 13: You are not a Taxi


Key Phrase:  No driver shall allow anyone, other than employees of the
Employer who are on duty, to ride on their truck except by written authorization of the Employer, except in cases an emergency arising out of disabled commercial equipment, accidents, or an Act of God, in accordance with Department of Transportation regulations.

Problem:   There exist situations where it might be tempting to let someone ride with you around the corner or sit inside your vehicle.  That day may be your unlucky day and something happens.  No one is going to want to hear how you were giving a lift to someone for any reason, all they will focus on is the fact you should never have had anyone in your vehicle in the first place.

Example:  A person can get hurt in your vehicle and sue UPS where the vehicle the vehicle is moving or not.

Opinion:  The UPS vehicle belongs to UPS.  It isn’t a personal car and shouldn’t be treated as one.  If you do, several bad scenarios can happen to you.  One is an accident happens.  Obvious this situation can turn into a situation of UPS being sued.  Or it can be a situation as simple as you being observed with someone in you vehicle.  Both situations are back for you.  If you do and are asked about this situation, it is best to have representation present.

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