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Rules and Respect

They are both there for you

Instant Termination:

There exist various ways to find instantly find your way out the door.  Otherwise be terminated (FIRED) immediately.  This section covers some of the ways this could happen..

How to get fired with Technology;

Technology alone can’t get you fired.  A combination of lying and technology will.  Click this section for more information.

Drivers license

A driver named Swan Ambrose once said,”You need only your feet and you license to work this job.  Protect both.”  A good pair of boots protects your feet.  Your license is another story.

Just Cause: Very important to know

Just Cause (Seven {7} is a seven step process in which an employer must follow to justify termination when in arbitration or any type of litigation dealing with employees.  Otherwise, a seven (7) step process justifying why you fire someone.

Drugs and Alcohol

The title of this section say enough.

Cardinal Sins

The Cardinal sins are the well established as far the big “NO, NOs” one can not do in order to continue working for the company.  If you do one of these sins, your writing you ticket out the door.

Dealing with harassment

It is hard to believe, but there are rules to how you are supposed to be treated at work. There are many approaches one can take, but I prefer knowledge. Knowing the rules that cover you as an employee in dealing with management are necessary. The days of screaming and threats will only earn you the pink slip. The days of fearing management should never have had the opportunity to enter into the conversation. I have been on seven (7) discharges, never actually got walked out the building or even went to panel. I did get paid while serving my suspension. I had the insurance that covers suspensions and discharges.


I’ve had my battles with the company, and at times with my union in ensuring my rights were both honored and respected. The simplest way of dealing with both of them is reading. Learning is the key to ensuring you know your rights and making sure those same right are respected. Below are some of the most common issues that occur and how to deal with them:

Rules and  Contractual Laws

The Master Article 37 – harassment; Watching me

This article offers protections to union employees.

Code of Conduct: rules that management has to follow:

This policy book lays down rules your AND managment must follow as far as how we treat each other.

Weingarten Rules; YOUR Miranda Rights at work

When dealing with he police, citizens have rights.  So does the union employee.

Employment Law ~ For the Backyard Lawyer

This free employment law guide is a must read for anyone who thinks or does have any actual knowledge of employment law.  It convers the basics and is very useful.

UPS Harassment Policy

This is a hard copy of the Companie harassments policy.  Clear and concise.

Places and agencies

These are various agencies and place an individual can reach out to is the union is unable to deal with thier issues.

Questions, Comments, and Suggestions

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