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Money, lettuce, cabbage, Dinero, tomatoes, and Cash

Don’t have to be Spanish or eat vegetables to translate their meaning; Money! Your working. In fact, all of us are working! Why? Money!!! Easy to spend, hard to save. Imagine  clearing $2,000 to $6,000 a month in retirement income and reside in a place that has a low cost of living with low taxes. I personally spend my days thinking Colorado, fresh water fishing, and Bar-B-Ques.

What we do is work hard for our money

The problem with most of us is we want that new car, latest I-Phone, sneakers, hanging out in clubs, electronics, expensive cares, or whatever frivolous spending most of us do at some point in our lives takes away from the money you could enjoy in retirement.

An important point I made to a friend years ago was the fact that you can write your own future in UPS. Your not getting laid off.  Only you can fire yourself, unless your commit a Cardinal Sin or get caught up in dishonest act. The very fact that not many people, who are employed, are secured in the fact that they can predict whether they will be employed two, five, ten, or even twenty years from now. UPS gives an individual that security in knowing that they have a job and can make financial plans with this in mind. Below touches on a few of these subjects. More resources are available in order to better prepare for your future and retirement, if you choose to stay at UPS.

When you click, you will be on the UPSers web page.  Just enter your information and you will be taken automatically to the Retirement Calculator

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