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    Local Article 5, section 1; Meals and breaks

    Key Phrase:

    1. A driver and helper will be allowed sixty (60) minutes meal period for each day worked.  
    2. Tractor trailer drivers shall be scheduled for one hour eating time to be started not sooner than three (3) and not later than five (5) hours after scheduled starting time.  
    3. For Inside Employees the Company shall allow one (1) hour for
      eating time, to be started not sooner than three (3) and not later than five (5) hours of work, 
    4. Employees working in the Article 22.3 combination classification shall be allowed a fifteen (15) minute paid break on the inside portion of their job and a sixty (60) minute meal period.


    The company promotes health and safety, yet there are employees who will skip their meal or break period for some coins.  I use the term “coin”, because I am for making money, but taking your meal or break is important on many levels.  It is our rights.  If you do it once, you will be expected to do it again.  This is not good for your health.  UPS is hard work and you need to let you body rest and fuel up for the second half of your day.  It’s the law!

    Example:  Ken look, I need you do get this done for me.  I will look out for you later.  Work you lunch and I’ll pay you for it.  Or you work you break and just don’t put in your meal/break…an extra hour in your check.  My favorite, work lunch and get out an hour earlier.  These are a couple of so many scenarios that play our when it comes to meal/break period.  Your are free to be the contractor,   but it is not recommended to break this article.

    Opinion:  Extra money in your pocket is a nice thing.  Getting off early is even better.  Making a habit of this practice is not recommended for so many reasons.  Your health will suffer in the end if you don’t take the time need to finish you day.  Financially, I get the extra five (5) hours doesn’t makes a difference when it comes down to your paycheck compared to getting off, but if something were to go wrong because you didn’t take the proper time needed to ensure you can finish work in a safe manner, would that hour that particular day be worth it.  Lastly, who gives a ______ about lunch?; Do you realize there were people who fought for the lunch break over a century ago.  In the “who gives a ______” days, people worked twelve (12) to fourteen (14) straight with no breaks.  They fought for those rights.  I know, your only one person, but you should enjoy the little bit of time you get during the day for yourself and rest for a moment.  After all, you do work hard and you deserve that break!

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