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Master Article 14: section 2 -

If get hurt and can’t physically perform your normal duties, you can do light duty


An individual hurts their back and can’t afford to be out of work.  He decides to take the company up on their offer to work in the seven (7) day room.  Light duty with a 40 pound restriction as far as lifting boxes.  This is a great situation if the individual is acclimatizing him or herself back to working at a normal pace, but if they do have a serious back problem, this may not be the best situation to place themselves into for this very reason.  UPS allows an individual the ability to work in the seven (7) day room as a way to work themselves back into normal work shape.  Truthfully, in good faith, that individual and their doctor are notifying the company that the individual is ready for light duty and will be able to return to work after the prescribed amount of time (40 days is the maximum).  ta sunt.


If you do report an injury and it is a situation that you can work, but not your normal duty, UPS does have light duty until you can return to your normal duties.  The only problem with this situation is if a person is convinced to return to work when their doctor may recommend that they stay home.  I know if you don’t have injury insurance, there is the temptation to work light duty (T.A.W), just know there is only 40 working days you are allowed to do this assignment, and once those 40 days have been exhausted you are expected to regular duty.


The seven (7) room in many ways is set up to acclimate you back to work and afford those that need it, a chance to earn a paycheck.  Working the seven (7) room and then going back out is not the best situation for various reasons, I feel I do not need to explain.  The program is a good one and should not be taken advantage of, but in the same token, do not let the company bargain this right as a way to lure you off of workmans compensation in order to have your return to work sooner than your doctor prescribes.   This situation is a double edge sword.  Be legitimate in what you are doing and you shouldn’t have any problems.  Play games or let the company play games with you and the only person who loses is you.  Once again, your shop steward can help you navigate this situation. 

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