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Local article 23, section 3;

Getting hurt and coming back to work

Key Phrase:

 An employee who seeks to return to work after a medical leave of absence (including a leave of absence covered by Workers Compensation) or after an absence caused by a chronic or recurrent condition may be required by the Company to submit a doctor’s report. The Company may also require the employee to submit to an examination by the Company doctor.


Getting hurt on the job and taking time off is only half the battle.  The company, for good reason, will have reservations as far as you returning to work.  They are concerned that you are 100% fit for work.  This is true, no sense in coming back only to get hurt again, because you are not in the proper physical shape to perform your duties. 


Most time, individuals miss work either on Workman Compensation or disability.  In the case of workman’s compensation, the personal doctor will clear an individual to return to work.  Let’s assume the company doctor had a different opinion about the severity of the injury in the first place, why would the company automatically assume you as fit work based on your doctor, who may have disagreed with their doctors prognosis.   I have experience in this particular field. 


I don’t expect anyone to go through the extremes I went through to return to work and I will admit, there were other circumstances that I believe influenced the prognosis given to me, initially, by the company doctor.  But understand, by seeing the company doctor, they are ensuring you are fit for work and do not plan on going out on compensation, particularity again with the same injury.  This is understandable, but you should also be aware.  

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