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Master Article 18, section 6-

 Centers will be heated, where practical.  On a facility-by-facility basis, to include temporary facilities, the Employer will evaluate whether additional ventilation or heat is needed for purposes of safety and health. This will include clericalwork areas outside of office structures in the UPS facilities.

Example of workplace safety:

A safe work environment is a must.  Unfortunately, hazards do exist.  Our company is a mixed bag when it comes to this policy.  On paper they have strict guidelines when it comes to safety, and they preach it everyday at every opportunity.   But there does exist situaations when individuals have to deal with faulty hand-trucks, no water in a facility, or proper heating or ventilation.   Ice machines using questionable pipes that supply the water for the ice.  Finding water is like walking around the Sahara Desert.  Egress issues as far as boxes in walk ways….On the ground making it hard to walk without tripping.  Oh, I forgot!  Look before stepping.  Hard to figure out who is responsible when reporting these issues.    Either way, safety is important and knowing safety is not a bad idea.  It will keep you from getting hurt.

Filing an O.S.H.A.

At the same time knowing other issues as far as what is required in the workplace is not a bad idea either. You can bring up to your safety committee, shop steward, or management. If your safety issues are not addressed there exist agencies, such as OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Administration). One could just file a complaint, but it would be a good idea to make sure the issue has been brought up. Maybe not so much by you, but someone and later the issue has not been addressed.

Not encouraging anyone, but at the same time I am informing any individual who does decide to file to know they do not have to fear retaliation for filing, as it is against the law. I have filed and nothing ever happened to me for doing so. If one does decide to file, they can do so online.

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