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There are times when things can get a little extreme in the work place.  As perfect as the company claims our workplace should be, such a world does not exist.  Unfortunately,  there individuals that exist within our company who I will call “Rogue Agents”.   These agents have and always will exist within the world of UPS.  UPS is not different from any corporation.


    No company, like I said before, is perfect.  There are various levels of interactions that individuals do find themselves confronted with.  They are being to pushed to produce, harassment, hostile work environment, and then discrimination.  Production is typical in any work place.  Getting employees to produce at a high rate is no different that a football coach pushing a player to up their game in order to win.Harassment depends on the individual as to whether they take the style of management being applied seriously or not.  Hostile work environment and discrimination are the lines that should not be crossed.  The are steps one should take prior to considering filing a lawsuit with the New York Division of Human Rights.  These steps are necessary as the state will ask if what steps were taken before filing a lawsuit.  Notes are EXTREMELY important.  The following are a few of the steps one should follow


    UPS Sued over religious bias

    UPS has agreed to pay a total of $2 million to nearly 90 current and former employees to resolve a national disability discrimination lawsuit that challenged the company’s maximum leave policy, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced Tuesday.

    UPS loses Supreme Court pregnancy discrimination case

    The majority opinion—authored by Justice Stephen Breyer, who was joined by Justices Roberts, Ruth Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and Samuel Alito—found that Peggy Young, a former UPS truck driver, had the right to sue UPS for pregnancy discrimination after the shipping company refused to give her a less demanding shift when a medical professional ordered her to not lift heavy items while pregnant.

    'No haircut, no job': UPS pays $4.9 million over religious discrimination allegations at its facilities

    According to UPS uniform policy, male employees who interact with customers cannot have hair longer than collar-length or have facial hair below their lips. However, long hair and beards are okay for back-of-facility positions.

    That meant UPS employees who practice Islam, Rastafarianism, Orthodox Christianity, and other faiths were limited in just how much they could advance through the company, according to the EEOC.

    Former UPS Workers Awarded $5.3M in Discrimination Lawsuit

    Eight black men won a $5.3 million jury award April 14 in a lawsuit over claims that they endured a hostile work environment at UPS in Lexington, Kentucky, and that an effigy of a black UPS driver was hung from a ceiling.

    The Lexington Herald-Leader reports a Fayette County Circuit Court jury also found UPS discriminated against one of the eight and that the company retaliated against two men after they complained.


    This section will read the same as the Human Rights or New York State Division of Human Rights section of this website, but there slight differences between the two agencies:

    • The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) specializes in class action lawsuit, meaning a group of individuals come together and file a lawuit (individuals can file and have won)
    • The EEOC is a federal agency.

    This page is not a page condoning or encouraging one to sue the company, but this page understands the steps very well in order to prepare for such a big step.  Suing a corporation is not something to take lightly, especially one that you work for.   It is not something anyone can enjoy doing, it is stressful and scary at the same time.   No one comes to work and plans on suing the same company down the road, but situations do arise where it is necessary to do so.  Below is my own personal experience.  This is a subject I would not speak on unless I had a personal experience in filing a lawsuit.  Not something I enjoyed.  Quite frankly, I hated the whole process, but my back was against the wall and I felt I had no choice.

    When making this decision, please make sure you are a good employee, because if you do have issues, these issues will come up and can hurt your lawsuit; and to be honest with you, if you have issues then you need to stop and wonder if what is happening to you is your own fault before blaming the company.  If you don’t self evaluate, believe me the company lawyers will point it out to New York State and you open yourself up to whatever issues may happen afterwards.  Be wise, smart, and diligent before going down this path.

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