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Master Article 16: I need time off


Key Phrase:   The Employer agrees to grant the necessary time off, without discrimination or loss of seniority rights and without pay, to any employee designated by the Union to attend a labor convention or serve in any capacity on other official business, provided forty-eight (48) hours written notice is given to the Employer, by the Union, specifying length of time off. .


Problem:   Work is important, but so is taking care of personal business.  This article allows you the ability to still take a “Leave of Absence” if your situation falls outside the Family Leave Act.  There are various reasons one may take time off, but it all comes down to one core issue, taking care of personal business.  Simply put, you need time off to take care of personal business.  The shop steward is your first point of contact and  they you need to speak to management (Human Resources) in order arrange for the necessary time off to handle your business.  Ninety (90) days is the  maximum amount of time one can take off for personal business.

Example:  The Master Article covers quite a few situations, the following sections are just an outline of the areas covered. 

  • Sections 3.1 – 3.3 Deals with the Commercial Drivers License issues (CDL).  Suspended for various reasons.  If alcohol and drugs are involved, this is not the time  to about the issue.  The actions that led to the issues with your licenses happened off the job.  Deal with it.  Your shop steward and business agent will know how to deal with the situation.
  • Section 3.4  If you can not pass you D.O.T, there are options available to you as an employee.  You don’t lose your job.
  • Section 4 Deals with Maternity Leave, but one should also know that the FMLA and NYSPFL easily cover your situation.
  • Section 5 Is for anyone going thought a substance abuse program.  In this care, make sure to speak with your union representative about this subject.  The company will work with you during this difficult time, but having solid information is extremely important in this situation.
  • Section 6 Deals with Family Leave.  If you need time off to take care of business for a family member, this is the article that covers you, but the state and federal laws already allow for you to do so in the first place.   The contract is only stating the federal and state laws override the contract.

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