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Local Article 3, section 2:  Working your days off


Key Phrase:  Any full-time employee who worked on his/her scheduled day off and is also available for work on each of his/her regularly scheduled five (5) days (except for absence due to legitimate good cause) shall receive overtime pay at the rate of time and a half for all work on such scheduled days off, but in the event he/she is absent on any of his/her regularly scheduled five (5) days without legitimate good cause he/she shall receive no overtime pay for work on his/her
scheduled day off.

Problem:   I never did it, but I understand there are those who ARE here for the money and work they scheduled days off, worse, their vacations.  There are situations, with the Tuesday through Saturday crowd that are asked to come in on Monday.  Time and a half should always be in that discussion, not one hand washes the other or look out for me and……you get my point.   If you want to play the contractor and come in, get paid.  Exercise this article.

Example: I have seen examples where management has instructed the newer drivers to come in to work on Monday, because managements forecast predicts that there will be ex amounts of loads going out.  I do believe in 2 days off, but some of us don’t, that is your right.  Then there are those who don’t know their rights and come in on that Monday.  Time and a half.  If they send you home, you stil can be paid for showing up.  In my opinion as the time and half rate for a minimum of four hours.  If this happens, make sure to speak to your union representative.  Nothing more needs be said.  Make you time work it.   

Opinion:  This is a situation that should not happen.  I believe one should just work their five (5) days and take two off.  But unfortunately situations exist where employees exchange days, come in on their days off, or are forced to come in on their days off.  I say if this is the case, get paid.  Despite this article, some will take the regular pay, because they work something out as a contractor, which goes against the contract. 

Those of you who work your vacation are selfish in the sense you picked a week to come in to work instead of working that individuals below you wanted to take for vacation, but couldn’t because management told them you were taking this particular week.  In my opinion, you have to take your vacation, but if you have the idea you are going to break the law, then work it out with management and let someone else have that week that is following the rules.  Or be you. 

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