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Local Supplement 16, section 1: Paying for packages

Key Phrase:  Local Supplement 16, section 1:  No driver or helper will be held responsible for loss of merchandise if the Company fails to notify the employee within thirty (30) days after receiving a shipper tracer.

Master Article 10: Paying for packages

Key Phrase:  Master Article 10 : No employee shall be disciplined or required to make reimbursement for lost or damaged parcels unless the Employer demonstrates that the employee, without justification or mitigation, violated pertinent established rules or policies, the observance of which would have prevented the loss or damage.

An employee who is charged for loss or damage by the Employer shall not be subject to both discipline and reimbursement; BUT…



The easiest way to explain this article is to simply say, follow the way you were trained in handling every package you come in contact with. Don't be creative or try some new method that can cause you to damage or lose a package . If it cost enough, trust me, the company is going to make you pay one way or another. As a side note, I would recommend taking the discipline rather than paying back the value of a package.


The company can charge you for  lost packages if you are notified within 30 days of an incident.  But you can not be both disciplined and pay for the package.  Either way money is coming out your pocket.  Don’t follow the methods like leaving packages unattended or some new method you create in order to meet production will cost you. 


I run inside a building to deliver a box and leave my hand truck outside.  I leave a cell phone on top of my hand truck.  I don’t have to finish explaining this situation.  Or leaving boxes in your cab.  If management leaves boxes in your cab, this still is your fault for not recording the incident and notifying your shop stewartd.   

If in the building and you still don’t follow the way they train you, you a liable for the damaged box.

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