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Teamsters Survival Guide

Simplified information to succeed in dealing with both the company and union

Everyday is a marathon, not a race.  Whether your here for the full pension or using this job as a stepping stone to something else.  Knowledge is the key.  The only way to survive is knowing; the only way for that to happen is taking the time to absorb as much information as possible so you can achieve your goal.

– S.Scott Williams

Giving you the proper tools for your survival 

“Knowing a little about the union’s history and how UPS works, goes a long way in understanding both and knowing your place within both.” – S.Scott Williams

The History of Teamsters


The Teamsters are America’s largest, most diverse union. In 1903, the Teamsters started as a merger of the two leading team driver associations. These drivers were the backbone of America’s robust economic growth, but they needed to organize to wrest their fair share from greedy corporations. Today, the Union’s task is exactly the same.

The Teamsters are known as the champion of freight drivers and warehouse workers, but have organized workers in virtually every occupation imaginable, both professional and non-professional, private sector and public sector.

Our 1.4 million members are public defenders in Minnesota; vegetable workers in California; sanitation workers in New York; brewers in St. Louis; newspaper workers in Seattle; construction workers in Las Vegas; zoo keepers in Pennsylvania; healthcare workers in Rhode Island; bakery workers in Maine; airline pilots, secretaries and police officers. Name the occupation and chances are we represent those workers somewhere.

There are nearly 1,900 Teamster affiliates throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, with the following breakdown:

The 1997 Teamsters Strike

The United Parcel Service strike of 1997, led by International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) President Ron Carey, started on August 4, 1997, and involved over 185,000 teamsters (IBT members).  The strike effectively shut down United Parcel Service (UPS) operations for 16 days  and cost UPS hundreds of millions of dollars.  The strike was a victory for the union, resulting in a new contract that increased their wages, secured their existing benefits and gave increased job security.

UPS vs. FedEx: An Overview


 “United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) and FedEx Corp. (FDX) are two leading delivery services companies and main competitors to each other, at least in the public eye. However, to those following them closely, the two companies are quite different in their business models and strategies.  Package delivery and express service are where the two companies have made names for themselves. Although each company has other delivery services that make everything they do seemingly overlap.

”  – Jay Wei, Investopedia, 2019 May 6

Human capital in a Union world

Unions in ups are and will continue to feel the effect of both technology and innovations.  New innovations continiously  feed the hunger consumer oriented market for the latest products; increasing the e-commerce business.  Companies like UPS constantly needs to...

20th Century union in a 21st Century world

The question of do unions function in the same manner today as they did, 60 years ago is the very problem with unions today.  The unions do function, as a whole, in the same manner, which has led to the declination of their numbers. The old model has not been able to...

Company unions

The tactics used to keep unions away is simply get rid of the individual who may be introducing the idea of unionization in the first place. Smaller businesses do not engage in the practice as much as the larger corporation. Union Claims Amazon Illegally Fired...

The Core Six

Your Money

Making money is the main purpose for working.  Maximizing every aspect of work and the services the union offers is the most important thing you shuould know.  Every dollar you earn was not easy, so you shoulld take the time to understand about everything that has to do with the money you earn. 

Take the company and union serious

if you don’t manage your money, who will?

Family Life

Family life can have so many meanings.  First is the actual time you spend with your family.  Wife, husband, partner, children, parents, Playstation, golfing, fishing, and any assortment of people or things your prefer to spend you free time.  My point, you work, but should also enjoy you free time.  Free time may not always be for fun, free time could be needed to take care of personal business.  The one thing most should, but not all, understand is you are not married to the job.  Work provides you the means to do the things you enjoy.  Learn More

There is more to life than money

I’m all for making the money, but you free time is important as well.  




Harassment in the work Place

The simplest right in the work place that is not known or practiced by the union worker.  To often this right is violated and the union member does not know it exist to protect them and their job.  Learn More

 Government agencies work for you

The company and the union can not take care of every issue you may run it to as an employee or union member.  The government state and federal have several agencies that are more than willing to deal with any number of issues you need addressed.  I would say it is free, but it is not; you already payed for their servics with your tax dollars.  Learn More

Who needs the Union

It is understandable one can be frustrated with the union, or simply not know the advantages the union offers.  If it were possible to work a year without one, then it would be easy for a individual to have an appreciation for the union.  Taking advantage of what a union has to offer depends on how much you learn about a union, how it works, and all the services it has to offer.  Learn More

Health and Safety

The key ingredient to ones success, is their health and they stay safe.  Safety is often preached, but it is best that you both understand it and practice it.  If you don’t, then you do jeopardize you health and well being.  The company preaches safety, but it is also best that you know the rules.  This will go a long ways towards you having a long and productive life.  Learn More

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