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The tactics used to keep unions away is simply get rid of the individual who may be introducing the idea of unionization in the first place. Smaller businesses do not engage in the practice as much as the larger corporation.

Union Claims Amazon Illegally Fired Activist Employee

NLRB Accuses Cablevision of Illegally Firing Union Activist,

Queens worker wins $30G settlement after company illegally axed him for trying to start union,

or Union fired their own workers for trying to organize a union, source says.

The articles I listed are just a few of the many instances a company will persuade employees not to organize. Rather than deal with lawsuits or the National Labor Relations Board is create and show their employees their own anti-union propaganda video. Target has one as does Walmart.

What I find interesting is the simple point of view that unions take your money in the form of union dues and do nothing but hurt the companies they negotiate with. A little research does not hurt in understanding that unions actually enable an employee to enjoy the possibility of pension after working for a company for a period of time, job security, and a decent salary.

Unions in the past was the solution to the income disparity we see today. Anyone who knows history will be able to point out that the income disparity began with the declining numbers within unions. Unions also offer an extra layer of protection in the work place as far as harassment, workplace safety, and the ability to earn a decent wage. The list goes on and one.

The everyday things we enjoy today came from unions; weekends off from work, the eight (8) hour day, overtime pay, children go to school instead of working in factories, and workplace safety to name a few of the benefits enjoyed by all citizens today.

The unions do have their problems, as do any institution. Government have corruption. Corporations have corruption. Unions have corruption as well. It is too easy to label unions as a corrupt business out to steal your dollar. This is not always the case. City, state, and federal employees enjoy quite a few benefits, including a pensions to go with social security. They are in unions. Republican politicians, in particular, will preach right-to-work, but once again, anyone that believes in this way of thinking, that is not a millionaire, is thinking against their own best interest. Unions is simply a way for a group of individuals to band together and ask for some of the simplest things an individual may have difficulty asking for by themselves.

To finish up, the company sells the idea to the employees that unions are a very bad thing, but they also know takes one person who knows it all and buys into the company propaganda to explain to all the employees the generic message of of how unions take your money and do nothing for them. Unfortunately for the company, it also takes one person who actually does their due diligence in researching unions, to be the catalyst towards unionization. These are the types of employees the company will find ways to terminate these individuals. This type of individual can eventually become a cancer to the workforce by planting the idea of union amongst the other employees.