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Utopian Advocate

Determined to give a voice to the disadvantaged who seek knowledge for empowerment in a Social Darwinist Society.

What is a Utopian in a Dawinist Society?

We live in a world in which we are all categorized into convenient groups.  A virtual caste system exist in which most of us are expected to follow the rules of the authority without knowing that we have the power in gaining knowledge for empowerment thus exercising our rights as human beings in this world.  Nothing is written that one can not elevate themselves as far as they want to, despite the limitation society attempts to place upon them.  Each individual has the ability to succeed.

The cost of Human Capital

The cost of developing human capital is actually more than the potential benefits it could potentially bring for a developing and a developed country.  The pace in which new technologies are being introduced into the workforce demands that the number of individuals...

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The Dream Isn’t Over

Two contributing factors that did not help in realizing the dream were the war in Vietnam and the riots during the 1960’s. The two are related because the Vietnam War took valuable resources, in the form of money, from the social programs President Johnson pushed for...

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UPS, Union & the Teamsters


A condensed version of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) contract with United Parcel Service (UPS), The UPS Code of Conduct, and various policies and laws that enable, you, the employee and union member, the ability to navigate both in trying to scratch out a living the American Dream.

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